Friday, January 23, 2009


At Least 20 Killed in Twin US Attacks in Waziristan

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One has to wonder if his highness signed off on these attacks personally, or if the machinations of the Federal Government's War Machine is such that it can make deadly strikes on the sovereign soil of a country we are not at war with, without the green light of the Commander in Chief, but as a matter of course or momentum.


dbackdad said...

It gave me pause also. I'm not sure of the exact decision-making process on things like this. How long are they planned? Do commanders in the field make the ultimate decisions or does a strike like this have to have the go-ahead from on-high first. And if it did come from on-high, aren't there a few more important things going on right now in your first week in office? What kind of mixed message does it send when you are preaching peace in Gaza?

SME said...

I'd be surprised if this wasn't officially sanctioned. Johnson signed off on Cambodia, and that's what this sort of reminds me of.

Scott said...

Well we know now that it was ordered by Obama, though his entire staff is singing the same chorus that Bush did for the past 6 months while he was sending missiles into Pakistan, "No comment."

Anonymous said...