Friday, January 23, 2009


At Least 20 Killed in Twin US Attacks in Waziristan

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One has to wonder if his highness signed off on these attacks personally, or if the machinations of the Federal Government's War Machine is such that it can make deadly strikes on the sovereign soil of a country we are not at war with, without the green light of the Commander in Chief, but as a matter of course or momentum.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

American Empire Celebration Day: New King Edition

It's awfully hard for me to hate a man on a personal level who wears a White Sox hat, takes pot shots at the Cubs and their fans, and sends random text messages to his friends saying nothing more than "Sox!". I'm just immature like that, I make no apologies.

Though no doubt Obama will do his best to make me despise the man as he does immoral act after immoral act that damages the life, property, and liberty of millions of innocent individuals, I will make every attempt to be fair in my judgments. And will no doubt find myself defending the man from time to time as I've defended Bush in the past despite my ill feelings for that man. I'm actually somewhat fearful of the next few years and the misguided and wrongheaded economic ideas that are being thrown around. I fear we are in for much harder times in the coming years due to the New Deal 2.0 that is being promised. But then, as my adorable wife has reminded me on several occasions, it's hard to imagine a situation in which the practical alternative would be "better".

Good luck to Obama, and G-d save us all.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Current Events

War, the force that gives us meaning.

I believe many of those photos are not from the current conflict because I'm fairly certain I've seen more than one of them before. Though admittedly it's hard to tell one picture of a child with it's face torn off from another.

My money helped pay for this destruction. I've never received a satisfactory answer as to why that is.