Wednesday, February 06, 2008

You can look below to see my personal reaction to Super Tuesday. However, I just read this article from a best selling author who put to words my feelings in a way only best selling authors can. It's worth posting here.

The man is Doug Wead, who in no way should be considered a Ron Paul supporter. In fact Wead has worked with both of the Bush presidents and is thought to be the man who coined the phrase "compassionate conservatism", a phrase that Ron Paul has actually mocked.

According to Mr. Wead, the real winner of yesterday's elections... Ron Paul.

The Mouse that roared: Why Ron Paul won the election

Well now, Republicans say, we have a nominee. That may very well be but there was only one clear winner in the confusing GOP nominating contest and it was not John McCain. The winner was Ron Paul. And the effects of his win will be felt for years to come.

Ron Paul made a classic political mistake. He told the truth. In debate after debate he pointed at his party, his president, his fellow contenders for the GOP nomination, shouting aloud like the little boy in the proverbial story, “they have no clothes” and lo and behold, we looked and they didn’t. They were all naked.

He showed that the conservative movement has lost its way, its moral authority and its logic. He showed us that we have become a red team versus blue team. That since we have decided that this is a political war and all normal rules are suspended, conservatives can do liberal things to win it. Conservatives can run up big deficits if it helps their side win. They can dole out needless pork if it elects another “conservative” to congress. They can go to war if it makes their president look like a leader and wins him another term.

But in the process, Ron Paul showed us, that we have lost our way. We are no longer conservatives. We are fighting for power not for principles. We have become corrupted by the process and the only way back is to retrace our steps and find all the things we discarded along he way.

Barry Goldwater lighted a similar fire with his Conscience of a Conservative. Its truth and arguments were so obvious and so honest that one laughed aloud while reading it. But Goldwater, himself, was doomed to political defeat. And Ron Paul had no chance to win this election either. One could see that when he first opened his mouth.

And yet, the words and arguments of Ron Paul are still resonating. They still hang over this election. They are haunting and troubling. They are producing blogs and papers and books and like Goldwater’s revolution they will one day very likely produce their own Ronald Reagan. And when those heady days happen a small but hearty band of pioneers, who first had the nerve to join him and start shouting from the street, “They aren’t wearing any clothes,” will be able to say that they could see what the country missed. They were there when history was made.

John McCain and his poorly chosen words, of staying in Iraq a hundred years, have almost guaranteed that he will be the answer to the trivia question, who was the Republican candidate who lost to the ticket that claimed the first woman and black for the presidency? Another question may very well be, “What other candidate ran that year and launched the movement that has dominated national politics for the last generation?”

And the answer will be Ron Paul.

Clinton vs. McCain '08?

It's looking more like it. I know the Democratic nomination is no where near finished but I really think Clinton has it for no other reason than she gets the old vote, and the old are typically the people who decide who our rulers are.

It's astonishing to me that anyone can vote for some of these people, but what really just blows my mind is that the majority of Republicans who are against the Iraq war are voting for John McCain. The guy who wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years. The guy who jokes about bombing Iran. There is a complete lack of principle in the Republican party, which is apparent through the complete disarray the party is in. It's now split up between social conservative, (mostly christian militarists) NeoCons, (mostly military idealists) and a large clump of confused individuals who argue about what it even is to be a "conservative". My theory of why this mass confusion and indecision exists is that the first two groups are not at all "conservative" (that is limited government) in nature and are both much more organized and easy to define than the third. Thus they can wrongly claim to be the true conservative and influence and confuse the third group.

I guess the silver lining to all this is that the foolish Republicans who have been blindly following their party for the past 7 years are now going to get exactly what they fear most and deserve: President Hillary.

"One must always remember, when extolling the virtues of democracy and free elections, that by definition half of the population has below average intelligence." -me

Saturday, February 02, 2008

McCain wants to bring troops home NOW!

Not when democracy is flourishing.

Not when order is restored.


That is when it's not a Republican's war....

When the Republicans start a war, we can stay there for a hundred years for all he cares.