Sunday, July 30, 2006

Crystal said I need to post something

I was just mowing my lawn and I got stung by a wasp on the top of my toe. The one next to my big toe on my right foot.

It hurts.


It's also hot out. And in for that matter. Sucks not having A/C.

I have to go finish mowing the lawn.

k, thnx, bye

Monday, July 17, 2006


Crystal's Answers:

Scott will you buy me that pool I want?


Why do most people think you don't like them?

I don't know. I think maybe because I don't talk unless I feel like I have something interesting to say. People seem to equate being silent to not having a good time, and take me not having a good time as not liking them. I think this would be a better question to ask people who don't think I like them.

What are you really like at work?

I think I'm pretty much the same at work as I am at home, but I would imagine a lot of people feel that way.

What is your favorite book/s of the Bible? Why?

I guess Romans. It's the easiest book to understand as Paul lays out a very logical argument.

Do you think I'm cute???


Will you marry me again?

The idea of marrying a person again, or renewing your vows, makes no sense to me. When you get married, you make a promise to love and support that person until death does you in. Such a promise is permanent and binding by definition. To renew or remarry signifies that the first was only temporary or inadequate at best. The only logical reason to remarry a person would be if they were to first divorce for some reason and then fall back in love. I've seen this happen, it's a sweet thing. Very romantic. So a better question would be, will you divorce me?

What are your top 3 favorite movies and why?

The older I get the more I dislike movies in general. They're mostly all formula driven, unimaginative, brainless adventures. Furthermore the amount I like a movie really depends on the current mood I'm in, so it's very difficult to pin down 3 movies that I would consider my absolute favorites. To answer your question I'll just list my favorite 3 movies from the past few years in no order and with a short explanation of my love for them.

Good Night and Good Luck

Edward R. Murrow was a great American. Joseph McCarthy, like almost every Senator today and probably several of his contemporaries, was a power-hungry politician. It’s true that parallels can be drawn between McCarthy’s methods of accusation and the current administrations methods, but I believe Clooney when he says he didn’t make the film with that in mind. I think if you go in looking for that you’re missing out on a lot of other things about this movie that are quite beautiful and relevant. Namely our society’s appetite for escapism, the power of friendship, and maybe most importantly the lost art of civil discussion.

The Aviator

To look at Howard Hughes as simply a millionaire playboy is selling him awfully short. He was a genius, an inventor, a Capitalist, and he fought crooked politicians. Pretty much my kind of guy. Except for the whole OCD/womanizing thing. Not into that, actually, btw. Still a fascinating man and a great movie.

Million Dollar Baby

First and foremost a great sports movie with all the things that make you like sports. A well written script funny and emotional. 3 magnificent performances. And it was made by a Libertarian. Hands down best movie of 2004. Maybe the best movie of the decade.

Why didn't you like Superman?

There was nothing new about it. It was a re-application of the same old ideas. It wasn't well written or filmed. With the exception of Kevin Spacey it wasn't well acted. Also it was about 45 minutes too long and the last half hour dragged very slowly. A better question would be why would anyone like it?

Who are the people you admire and respect the most?

I know you’re trying to get me to list specific people here, but I’m not going to. See below.

What is it that makes you admire and respect people?

The people I admire and respect the most are those who know what they believe and why the believe it. Those who are not easily persuaded by the wind of public opinion. People who are intelligent, yet patient with those who don't posses the same level of understanding. People who work hard. People who don't expect other people to help them, but appreciate it when they do. People who don't try and sell themselves with their ideas OR looks. People who are content with their surroundings. There's probably more, but those seem to be the important ones.

Who are your greatest influences in life? Or mentors? Why?

Usually people who fit the description above.

What does it look like to love God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, and all of your strength, and all of your mind?

Joh 14:15
If ye love me, keep my commandments.

Joh 14:21
He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

Joh 14:23 - Show Context
Jesus answered and said unto him, If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.

Sarah's Answers:

What is Eric really like at work?

About 6’3” and really kinda smelly.

Did he really know that starbrites name was Twink?

He didn't know the name Twink, but he knew the picture I drew wasn't the doll he maimed.

Do you like Indie music a lot?

There's two things I look for in music.

The first is creativity. Usually music that can't easily be categorized as a specific genre. The artists who create this music are usually carried by an independent label because larger labels tend to demand albums that are sure fire hits. Music that is focus group tested and re-produced or re-recorded to fit what people want to hear. I want to hear music that an artist wants to make, not music that 14 year girls want to hear.

Secondly, I like emotion. Whether it's as happy as the Polyphonic Spree or curl up in the fetal position depressing as Okkervil River I need to feel something. Is this conducive to indie music? Maybe a little, as these are artists that have forsaken the chase of the "big contract," preferring rather to create music that they believe in.

Just as much as I like those things in music though, I hate the RIAA. They overprice their music in the face of declining demand, and seek to fix the supply of creativity through unconstitutional copyright laws. I'll listen to RIAA artists if they intrigue me, but I don't go out of my way to find them.

So yes, I likey me indie music.

Sadddie's Answers:

Why do people revert back to caveman language?

Long time, No see

No can do

see what I mean by this? We've come such a long way in our communication skills, why destroy centuries of progress?

No can say. Maybe lazy? Maybe stupid? Prolly lazy.

Sammy's Answers:

Oh yeah, and why do people always say, "can I ask you a question?" My response is, "You just did, now go away."

I think they ask you that to be polite. If this really annoys you I suggest answering all there questions with questions. I know this really annoys Crystal so I think it will probably work on other people.

Eric's Answers:

What is the best shoe in the world?

The best shoes in the world are Nikes, because Nike employees people all around the world instead of just in the United States. Through this they are doing there part to end global poverty. More than the G8 will ever do with their silly rock star ideas.

Why is a clock circular?

One answer to that is that they are operated by gears, which are circular. Plus there is the fact that the hours, minutes, and seconds of the day, like a circle, start and end at the same point. The other answer is this:

Where’s the circle Eric? Where’s the circle?

How is heat index measured?


(The amount of wipes to remove the sweat from you forehead per hour.)

How long, in minutes, would it take me to walk from my house to Quebec, Canada?

What, are you kidding? You have an ingrown toenail and you’re gonna walk to Canada? You can hardly make it to your car at the end of the day. Canada, pfft.

Plus you’re lazy, so you got that whole thing going against you.

Did Al Gore invent the internet?

To understand the answer to this question first we must understand what the Internet is. Jon Stewart explains:

Yes, people want the Government to regulate things. Why? I don’t know.

But I digress, the Internet was not invented by one person but rather many people have contributed to its current state. The idea of “packet switching”, which is one of the main components of the Internet, dates back to 1961. And the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) was invented in 1972. Al Gore, or any other politician for that matter, wasn’t involved in any of these inventions. Politicians are very rarely involved in inventing anything; they’re just there to regulate other people’s inventions that they know nothing about.

Hence the Internet is a series of tubes.

If you could be a power tool, what would you be and why?

What the crap is this question? I ask for good questions and this is what you give me? Does this blog look like the dating show? Am I suppose to say, “I would be a hammer so we could bang on the dance floor ALL NITE LONG!!!!”

I expected better from you.


Who is that john stossels mustache guy anyway?

Yes Eric, you can steal the question idea. It’s not exactly mine anyway.

Steph's Answers:

Why does Mark continue to sneeze in the morning (regardless of tempature) until he puts on socks.

Like all men your husband Mark has lungs.

Just below these lungs is a muscle called the diaphragm that makes him breathe. When Mark sneezes the diaphragm expands at such a rate that it causes his lungs to expel air at a rate of about 100mph. This can be caused my any foreign particles that may enter his nose such as dust, pollen, cat dander, or even cold air. Since this is a scientific process involving the nervous system and the lungs there is no reason to believe that the socks play any part in the equation. However, given the numerous possible irritants that could cause the sneeze, my recommendation for ending the sneezing problem quickly and efficiently is the removal of Mark’s lungs.

Jack and Sarah's Answers:

Are black holes a rip or tear in the space time continuum. And, what happens if you travel into a black hole?

Really these questions should be answered by a theoretical physicist, like Eric's neighbor. If I had to take a stab at it I'd say that if you were to travel inside of one, you'd find Laurence Fishburne in a bad movie about weird space things.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Computers and a game, but not a computer game

I'm going to need to get a new computer. The one we have now, which I built about four years ago is starting to drive me nuts. I started looking at Dell and Gateway's websites and it's clear to me that I can still build my own system for much cheaper than what those companies offer, and get a much higher powered system. However, as we all know, much has changed in the world of computers over the past 4 years. When I built this one I spent a lot of time reading and trying to figure out which components were best for me. I pretty much have to start over a read about all those components again because everything is very different. What's amazing is how much everything has dropped in price. I bought a 100 GB hard drive then for $180 bucks and now I can get a 250 GB hard drive for 85 bucks. Yeah. And where I got my 512MB RAM back then for about $150 bucks, now I can get a whopping 2GB RAM for about $120. And the 1.8Ghz processor that I have now was 180 as well and now I can get a 3.0 Pentium D for the same price. I remember when I was shopping for parts for this computer the highest they made the chips was 2.4 ghz, and that was for about 600 bucks!

Ah, computer talk, you know I love it.

Anyway I've decided my next post will be in the form of answers. Answers to what? Well your comments of course. Comment to this post with any question you have and I will answer it in my next post. Can be a question about anything like, "What's your favorite color?", or "How can you call yourself a Christian when your clearly a greedy Libertarian?!?!!?!" Or my personal favorite, "HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT?"

Anything goes, post as anonymous if you're scared to ask for yourself. Let's just get it all out in the open.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More John Stossel

What can I say? I like the man.

Here he does everything he can to show why America needs education reform and why "throwing money at the problem" is not only NOT the solution, but part of the problem. Also a great examination of unions in general and their inherent problems.

It's about 45 minutes long but very thought provoking and I highly recommend watching.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Convenient Lie

Fellow Libertarian John Stossel has written an article exposing what he believes are some of the lies Gore tells in his propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth. It's worth checking out if you're into that kind of thing. Otherwise maybe just ignore it or whatever. I've noticed political posts don't garner much discussion on this blog and really I'm fine with that but I'll still post stuff like this when it interests me.


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Best Fireworks Display of Power Ever!

On the 4th of July everypeoples love fireworks!

Hi, I'm Kim!

Hi Kim!

I have big fieworks!

You can see them from far away!

Yay! I ruv fireworks!

Oh No!

Oh nos!

Oh well!


Oh darn!


I hate Jews!

lol I mean... Yay! I love fireworks too!