Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ron Paul Marijuana debate

Baldwin embarrasses himself by spouting his opinion and stating that is unquestionable fact. "No doubt about it, I don't care what anybody says."

Worse, Baldwin proclaims his position as the Christian one. I have to disagree that putting people in cages for ingesting the wrong chemicals is the position of love.

Baldwin really has no answer for anything Paul says, and I swear at the 8:00 minute mark his face shows that he knows it. This may be the second time that Dr. Paul changes someone's mind on an issue during on air interview as D.L. Hughley gives Paul credit for changing his mind on the necessity of the Civil War during an interview on Bill Maher's show in which they were both guests.


Anonymous said...

The legalization of it would mean billions of tax dollars to the government..That would go a long way to help us.

Crystal said...

I love how everyone is always turning to Ron Paul for his wisdom NOW!! Actually, no, it infuriates me!! HE should be our President. Darn it, it really does make me mad. >:{

Kimberly Cangelosi said...

Ron Paul definitely won that debate!

dbackdad said...

I've long known Stephen Baldwin was an idiot. Good for Paul for proving it.

Godwhacker said...

This interview reminded me of that video clip from the 80's titled 'Bambi versus Godzilla'.

I second what Crystal said. So many people are now looking to Ron Paul as if he were the respected village elder, the man who can be turned to for all the answers.

The raw hurt of being told that I was supporting some kind of radical nut-job is still too fresh in my memory. People like Glenn Beck, who compared Ron Paul supporters to terrorists during the campaign, now suddenly see the light. Give me a break!!! To little too late chumps.

SME said...

Wow. That is the most surreal debate I've seen in a looong time.
What exactly qualifies Stephen Baldwin (or any Baldwin, for that matter) to debate anything with Ron Paul? Did they draw names from a hat?

Godwhacker, Beck got his comeuppance for that in another way, too...Bill Maher recently suggested that far-right, paranoid commentators like Beck could inspire "the next Timothy McVeigh".

Dan said...

Nice. Thanks for posting this--big Ron Paul fans, here. (hubby and I make 2)

Anonymous said...

fuck obama